Consumer Tips

Whether you are ready to choose a contractor in the plumbing, heating cooling industry to help you wth your construction project or repairs or you want to save water, energy and money – we have tips for you.

Choosing a Contractor

Homeowner’s Guide

Choosing the right contractor for your building project or repair job is probably the most important ingredient and expenditure you’ll make when you’re trying to improve your home. Since it’s not something you probably do on a regular basis here are some tips on how to go about the process of hiring a contractor.

10 Tips on choosing a contractor from the Contractors Stste License Board. Click here.

Conserving Water

Saving Energy and Saving Money

Conserving water and the energy it takes to heat, move and store it can also save you money. Here is a file you can print out which contains over 30 links to websites devoted to water conservation. Click here.