Education and training are cornerstones of the PHCC philosophy. PHCC strives for industry excellence with the best educational classes and seminars available to plumbing, heating and cooling companies and employees.

Educational Opportunities

Instructional Classes & Seminars

PHCC of the Redwood Empire offers local classes and seminars for plumbing, heating and cooling contractors and their employees. We have the resources to deliver expert training from instructors in the local area, who have exceptional knowledge and experience in their individual fields. We also have the resources to bring in instructors from outside the local market for specific educational training that members ask for and/or we feel is important to offer in ourt effort to help our members be the best educated and trained people in the industry.

Apprenticeship training classes are available through the PHCC-GSA-PUAC Plumbing Apprenticeship & Training Program. Click here to get all the information on upcoming classes.

Green plumbing certification and licensing courses are available through Green Plumbers USA, an affiliate of PHCC. The courses are offered locally. Click here for more information where you can request training in your area.

PHCC National Online Training – click here

Upcoming Classes, Seminars & News